Estância Wahroonga

The land consists of 30 acres = 5 alqueires = 121,000 square meters. Wahroonga is situated at approximately 20º51'S 49º29'W and is about 515m (1,700 feet) above sea level. The boundary fence is about 1,416 meters. There is a house paddock inside the outer fence-line with a length of 420 meters. The highest point of the land lies slightly to the north-east of the eastern section of the house paddock. The lowest part of the land is the creek on the western boundary. The land also falls away gently to the east and south from the highest point in the top pasture.


There are a number of logical areas on the land:

  1. the top pasture (about 8 acres)

  2. the house paddock (about 2 acres)

  3. the middle pasture (about 4 acres)

  4. the forests on the steeply sloping part of the land (about 5.966 acres)

  5. the bottom pasture (about 10 acres)

  6. the swamp (about 0.034 acres)


The land is not flat. From the top to the bottom of the land is a fall of about 30 meters. The soil is very rich and deep on the top part of the land. On the sloping parts of the land the soil is less deep and there is some erosion from the cattle tracks. The bottom part of the land is fertile and retains good moisture throughout the year.


The water in the stream on the western boundary is permanent and it has never been dry in the 14 years we have owned the land. It is good clear water flowing from the head of the valley about 2Kms to the North West.


There have not been any crops on the land for over 30 years. Many years ago, there used to be vegetables grown on the land between the swamp and the creek.


To reach Wahroonga, it is necessary to travel 2 Kms through three neighbouring properties. There are three cattle grids and one electronic remote controlled gate with video camera on this road. These facts, in our view, contribute to make Wahroonga a very safe location. The road between Wahroonga and the edge of Mirassol is unsealed for about 2.8 Kms of the 4 Kms. The road is almost always trafficable, even during rainy periods. We have only ever experienced it being impassable for two separate days, in total over 14 years.


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