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Estância Wahroonga - 440 Kms North West of São Paulo, Brazil;  4 Kms from Mirassol S.P.   1,700 feet above sea level.

30 Acres (121,000m2) land with permanent drinking water and electricity. Great valley views.


House - 600m2 living area with 5 bedrooms, three bathrooms, master bedroom with bath, shower and dressing room, a 100m2 atrium with visitor´s bathroom. Built in 2000, from bricks, concrete, steel, and tiles. Fully air-conditioned (12 units). Gas (for cooking), Solar/electric Hot water for all bathrooms, kitchen and laundry, septic tank, phone (11 outlets in the house) and fast 100Mb/s Point-to-Point Internet connection. 16,000 volt electric circuit around roof. Secure house design and location.


House paddock of about 2 acres (10,000 m2) with work shed, water tank (10,000 litres), tractor shed, 3 dog kennels, vegetable gardens etc.

Pasture of about 22 acres for horses, cattle, sheep, goats and/or crops or other uses - water for animals from permanent creek and water trough.


 Rich soil, tropical climate - high rainfall (around 1,700mm per annum) falling mainly from October to April.


Many fruit trees: Mango (17), Avocado (11), Macadamia, Citrus various (5), Lycee, Paw Paw, Persimmon (3), Custard Apple, Jabuticaba (2), Jambo, Seriguela (3), Tamarind, Guava, Amora (Mulberry), Abiu, Acerola, Cashew, Jaca -jackfruit (Artocarpus heterophyllus) etc.


Large number of ornamental trees and plants: Jacaranda mimosafolia (3), Jacaranda de Minas(4), Poinciana (9), Ipê (Tabebuia) (10), Cassia (10), Palms (23), Coconut (low-growing: Bahia) (9), Bauhinia (4), African Tulip (8), Teak, Peppertree (2), Schizolobium (2), Tipuana Tipu (3), Leopard tree (2), Red Cedar (2), Painera (Chorisia speciosa) (2), Tibouchina (3), Rose of India (3), Pau Brasil (Caesalpina echinata) (2), Pau-d'alho (2), Pinus (2), Grevillia speciosa, Heliconia (3), Cycad (2), Bromeliads, Murraya (7), Strelitza, Ixora, Hibisbus, Flowering Ginger, Canna, Roses, Azaleas, Crepe Myrtle (2), Olianda. Many Cassia trees (Imperial (2), Blue (3), Javanica (2)) etc., Bamboo (Giant and small),....


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Estância Wahroonga from the air 2016 Mirassol and Estância Wahroonga July 2016

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